Rum Mudslide

Rum Mudslide

Happy Labor Day fellow imbibers and tasters.

It’s been a while since I last posted and I apologize for allowing my summer fun to bring the site to a halt. I’ll see what I can do about being better with regular posts going forward.

That being said, let’s move on to today’s taste treat: the Rum Mudslide or as my wife has named them at our house: Dumb Slide because after a couple mugs your brain shuts off.

A typical mudslide is made with equal parts Vodka, Irish Cream, and Coffee Liqueur.

This makes for a wonderful creamy drink with a slight bite. Sometimes, however, you just want something a bit sweeter. With this in mind I decided to try this standard drink with rum instead of vodka.

You’ll want as high quality a rum as possible. I prefer Captain Morgan’s Private Stock. It’s not out of my budget and has a smooth flavor without too much burn and has a lovely vanilla aftertaste. If you cant go high quality – I recommend lowering the ratio so that there is less rum than the other ingredients to let the other flavors mask lower quality product.

For my Irish Cream, I chose Carolan’s Irish Cream. YOu can try with your favorite, many people swear by Bailey’s but frankly I can hardly taste any difference between that and Carolan’s when mixed.

For the coffee liqueur, most people use Kahlua for their mudslide. I’ve learned to love Copa de Oro as a less expensive alternative that’s equally yummy.

Pulling out your trusty jigger and measure equal portions of the Rum, Irish Cream and Coffee Liqueur into a glass over ice. Rum Mudslide on ice

Give it a swirl and let’s taste.

A rum mudslide has a very complex scent. There’s the scent of the cream and the coffee smell but then the rum imparts a nasal bite. It’s a very gentle aroma that doesn’t smack your nose like straight hard liquor might.

The drink has medium to heavy body depending on how cold the Irish Cream is. It’s opaque and frankly looks like either lightly colored chocolate milk or coffee with cream.

Ah, ambrosia. The flavor is smooth and as you roll it around your mouth you coat your taste receptors with the cream allowing the flavors to linger. There’s the flavor of cream and the sweet of the rum. The coffee flavor binds everything together into a flavor that makes you think of evening dessert coffee.

The vanilla of the Captain’s begins to come through in the aftertaste. The creamy texture lingers nicely keeping the coffee flavor around much longer than expected. Retronasally, I’m getting the coffee strongly.

The Verdict
Try this variation on the traditonal Mudslide if you want to do something different familiar with a new twist. It’s a great dessert drink or nightcap.

Suggested product: (ok its not alcohol but it’s yummy coffee)

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